The Role of Cortex in Supporting Care for the Elderly

As the population ages, the need for high-quality care for the elderly becomes increasingly essential. Cortex Health, Inc., is a technology company focused on improving post-acute performance for the healthcare industry. With a suite of software and services, Cortex is well-equipped to support the care of the elderly in various ways.

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CheckUp Calls: Cortex supports care for the elderly through our CheckUp Calls service. These follow-up phone calls, conducted by our national network of registered nurses, are customizable and can address a variety of scenarios. By identifying at-risk patients and preventing problems at home, we can help to improve satisfaction and support the overall health and well-being of elderly patients.

Predictive Readmission Analytics: Cortex offers predictive readmission analytics and advanced patient risk scoring to allocate resources to the highest-risk patients and intervene to prevent readmissions. This can lead to a 44% reduction in penalizing readmissions, making it easier to provide high-quality care for the elderly.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring Dashboard: By leveraging data to identify and eliminate cost centers and quality concerns, Cortex can help to manage a narrow network of the best-performing post-acute partners and affiliates. This can lead to an 80% growth in patient census for a home health agency, making it easier to provide care for the elderly.

Overall, Cortex plays a vital role in supporting care for the elderly. With various tools and services designed to improve follow-up, predict and prevent issues, and manage and monitor healthcare networks, we are dedicated to enhancing the care that elderly patients receive.

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