Manage Hospice Resources and Increase Staffing Flexibility

Hospices face increasing pressure from all sides, with an aging populace and caregivers placing higher demands on staying informed during care, with nursing providers tasked with keeping them informed. And with government regulations requiring bereavement calls post end-of-life care, hospices struggle to provide some normalcy during this phase of transition, and providers bog down balancing their daily tasks with communication to family members or make the tough call after end-of-life care.

Manage Hospice Resources while Increasing Staffing Flexibility

This results in higher stress and burn-out rate for providers, leading to lower operating efficiency and impact on operating margins, and lower patient satisfaction.

Alleviate Stress, Improve Efficiency, and Increase both Provider and Patient Satisfaction

By utilizing Cortex’s Checkup™ Call platform to outsource hospice follow-up and bereavement calls with our HIPAA compliant registered nurses, our platform prevent provider burn-out by removing the daily burden of calls, and allow them to pay full attention to the tasks on hand: Taking care of their patients.

With Cortex, Hospice operators will see:

  1. Better Overall Satisfaction Providers are less stressed, increasing their work satisfaction. While the patient and family receive timely updates.
  2. Improved Staffing Flexibility Hospice maintains steady staffing levels and offload calls when necessary, without dedicated resources.
  3. Increase Operation Efficiency Nursing providers no longer worry about time consuming calls during and after care, leading to better care output.

Conducting follow-up calls with family members to keep them informed of care, as well as bereavement calls mandated by government regulations can take up a significant amount of time in a provider’s day. Leverage Cortex’s CHECKUP™ Platform and our registered nurses specializing in hospice care can improve satisfaction, decrease burn-out, and increase margins. See how Cortex's solution can save you time, money, and help you manage your resources!


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