Leverage Data Analytics and RN Follow-Up Calls to Reduce Hospitalizations with Cortex

The primary goal of healthcare providers is to deliver high-quality patient care. However, it's not uncommon for patients to experience setbacks or complications, leading to hospitalizations or readmissions. This not only negatively impacts patient outcomes but also increases healthcare costs and puts a strain on the healthcare system.

That's where Cortex comes in. Cortex is a patient follow-up platform that leverages data analytics and nurse follow-up calls to help prevent hospitalizations and reacquire patients. By providing patients with the support and resources they need to understand and manage their health, Cortex can help reduce the risk of hospitalizations leading to improve patient outcomes.

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So, how does Cortex work?

One of the key features of Cortex is its ability to utilize data analytics to identify patients at risk of hospitalization or readmission. This could be due to a lack of adherence to their treatment plan, a decline in their health, or a multitude of other health-related factors. Our user-friendly platform allows customers to tailor the data to their needs providing you with real-time data and alerts. Cortex also helps re-engage patients who have fallen out of the care continuum and get them back on track with their care. By providing personalized follow-up plans and regular check-ins, Cortex ensures that patients stay engaged in their care and receive the support they need. This is particularly important for patients who may have multiple chronic conditions and require ongoing support to manage their health.

Studies have shown that nurse follow-up calls can significantly reduce hospitalizations and readmissions, improving patient outcomes and lowering healthcare costs. This is because the RNs can catch any potential issues early on, such as non-adherence to medication or a decline in health, and address them before they become severe enough to require hospitalization.

By leveraging data analytics and nurse follow-up calls, Cortex can help reduce the risk of hospitalizations, improve patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs by providing patients with the support and resources they need to understand and better manage their health. 

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